The internet is overflowing with spoilers about House of Cards season 5.  Moreover, the absence of any official confirmation has provided endless grist to the rumor mill.

Claims have surfaced that Remy Danton has been cut off from the show. At the same time, rumors are rife about the rise of a new villain in the political horizon. Does that mean, Remy Danton is removed in exchange for this new villain?

Latest news and updates surrounding House of Cards season 5 are pretty unclear. To date, many sources conveyed Frank Underwood will meet his last in the approaching season. Meanwhile, there are reports indicating towards a regular mainstay bidding a goodbye from the plot as the show has decided to keep things short and interesting. Yes, you read it right! The mainstay is none other than Mahershala Ali’s Remy Danton who has been a pillar of the show.

In the previous season of House of Cards, Danton was discharged by would-be president Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) along with Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker). That incident kind of dropped hint on Danton’s future in the show.

Meanwhile, there are talks about the rise of a new villain in the political sphere. Who is it?  How is this new character going to have a negative effect on other characters? Is Remy Danton being removed so that this rising antagonist can take the center stage?

For a long time, stories regarding Frank’s demise have been circulating but the creators of House of Cards season 5 remain tight-lipped on the matter.

If rumors are to be believed who could be the new villain from the existing characters?

Is it Doug Stamper?

Although Frank Underwood and Dough Stamper trust each other “to the ends of the Earth,” there are speculations that he is the one who will put Mr. President to death.  Friends turning into foes are nothing new. Usually, the friendship between two falls through simply because one of them goes power-mad and the other character doesn’t want any more to do with it. Sometimes it will be the subject of a dramatic reveal that can portray the character as the villain in the story. Is something like that going to happen to Dough Stamper?

How about Clare Underwood?

Sources like GamenGuide conveyed that in House of Cards season 5, the fans might see Clare’s change-of –heart. She will be a supportive wife to husband Frank, for real. Now the question arises: what if everything just a part of a big plotting and planning for power? It is tough to guess whether or not the goodness in Clare is just a poker face to mask her true yearnings. However, the chances are high that she might appear as the new villain of House of Cards season 5.

These are only speculations. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so to learn the reality we have to wait till House of Cards season 5 premiers in 2017.