While spoilers for House of Cards season 5 revealed that the upcoming season will see the last of Frank Underwood, the latest buzz says that he might meet his last followed by a fatal failure. How will things shape up?

As per sources, the script for House of Cards season 5 has stored some ill fortune for Frank. Former show-runner Beau Willimon came up with an idea that will show Dough (Michael Kelly) and Frank Underwood in a terrible circumstance, claims Kelly. The downfall of Frank’s era is soon to be seen in the political drama.

Discussing his conversation with Willimon, actor Kelly stated that he would want to see “what happens when these characters fail”.  As per him, the show-runner had planned for such twist long ago. Most likely during House of Cards season 3.

He quoted Willimon by saying: “I can write you and Kevin Spacey twirling your mustaches forever and destroying everything in your path, but I think it would be… I just want to challenge myself. I want to see what happens when they fail.”

Willimon’s idea of showing some really bad days to Frank Underwood did not get conceptualized in the previous season of the drama. However, things hinted greatly towards the impending misfortune.

Therefore, chances are high that Frank’s ill luck might knock his door in House of Cards season 5. This news may not be very pleasing to the fans. However, show-runners are not afraid to kill a mainstay of the story.

There are also rumors that Clare (Robin Wright), might replace her husband soon. She will do everything to be in the President’s seat even if it takes to kill her own husband.

Sources like The Christian Times highly speculate that House of Cards season 5 will see Frank at his lowest as he could lose the position. The woman who he loves may be the first one to kill him, driven by the hunger-for-power-game.

There is no word by the channel on the official release date of House of Cards season 5 yet. So stay tuned for more updates.