Warning: huge spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched Netflix’s “House of Cards” yet but you’re planning to in the near future, it’s highly suggested you turn around. But if you’re looking for more discussions and theories, then read on and know that the show may see Frank Underwood dead in Season 5.

In a new spoilers theory from Reddit user Santidreet, Frank will die in the fifth season, but Claire will then come forward and take the role of the main character.

“My immediate prediction would be that the first episode of season 5 will be Frank’s funeral. Multiple times in the last couple of episodes they mention his liver possibly rejecting and he gasps in pain numerous times. Seems like foreshadowing. The biggest hint/foreshadow for me was the final scene of the season. When Claire breaks the fourth wall for the first time in the series’ history. I think the writers were cracking open the door for her to have fourth wall moments in the coming season,” wrote Santidreet.

According to another theory from Reddit user changyang1230, “House of Cards” might end in its fifth season. “The deck is now complete after 4 seasons of 13 episodes; so the fifth will be about how the metaphoric house of cards come tumbling down,” wrote the Reddit user. Now, based on the title, a deck has 52 cards, which are comprised of four suits with 13 ranks each. Now that we already have 13 episodes for the four seasons that have finished airing, the “house” is complete.

However, it’s also important to note that while the show may kill off one of its most iconic characters, Netflix may still continue “House of Cards.” After all, the series has been bringing home cash to the streaming giant, so there’s even the possibility for it to go beyond the fifth season.