“House of Cards” haven’t gone far enough to mirror the real US 2016 presidential race, at least to the show’s lead star Kevin Spacey.

In an interview with The National, Spacey spoke about the parallel between the Netflix hit political drama and the real U.S. politics. The actor said he thinks “House of Cards” has not yet reached the level where American politics is right now.

“We just need to remember that Francis is a fictional character. Some of the candidates running in real life appear to be fictional characters, too,” said Spacey.

Design N Trend wrote the actor is probably referring to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose campaign tactics seem to belong more to a reality TV show than real life.

“There are many times when we’ll finish shooting a sequence … and I’ll leave the set and go to my room and I will wonder, ‘Have we gone too far? Have we crossed the Rubicon? Is there something we’ve done that feels unreal or unbelievable? Then I turn on the television and I watch the news and I think, ‘We haven’t gone far enough,'” Spacey added.

The actor also talked about how successful “House of Cards” is overseas.

“The show seems to cross borders. It’s become so big in so many countries. I don’t think that’s only because people are fascinated with US politics, but because the politics of life are all over the world.”

Spacey said that he was recently in China and that about 300 Chinese people rushed him on stage.

“I had heard and understand totally, that many members of the Chinese government are fans. But my friends told me that for the common man in China, Francis is perceived as someone fighting corruption. That took a while to get my head around.”

“House of Cards” has been renewed for another season, which is expected to premiere in March 2017.

However, there have been rumours that season five would be the show’s last. According to Ecumenical News, the rumours stemmed from the fact that series creator Beau Willimon will leave the show after season five.