The fourth season of House of Cards premiered on March 4, 2016. The much-awaited political drama, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, has now been leaked on a number of torrent sites.

Ripped versions of all episodes from the web streaming have been leaked on several torrent websites. These 720p video files started appearing on torrent sites early on March 5, within 24 hours of the premiere. At least five episodes have been made available for free download in the morning itself.

A number of fake YouTube streaming videos of the White House drama came in numbers on March 4. However, all of them tried to fool viewers by redirecting them to various sites with paid subscription.

Interestingly enough, the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning political drama can be watched for free on Netflix.

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It offers free subscription for the first month, while the paid subscription starts with as low as $12 (EUR7.99).

House of Cards


Spacey plays Frank Underwood, who “will stop at nothing to conquer the White House.” House of Cards is even more relevant in the US election season. The initials of Spacey’s character, FU, symbolises the kind of arrogance he carries.

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The Guardian found a number of similarities between Underwood and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. The most striking similarity between the two is the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK connection may turn out to be fatal in Underwood’s career. Trump had his share of controversy for the same reason.

House of Cards is not the only contribution Spacey is making to US politics at the moment. He is producing a six-part a six-part series on CNN, called “Race for the White House.” He also narrates the series, which premieres on March 6.

“So, what would you do to reach the world’s most powerful office?” Spacey goes FU in his narration. “Will you break your own rules?”