Netflix political saga “House of Cards Season 4” of the Kevin Spacey drama is scheduled to launch on March 4.

With First Lady Claire (Robin Wright) having declared her intention to leave the President and his reelection campaign looking shakier, is Frank’s world about to cave in? Here are 5 burning questions.

Is Claire bluffing?

“I’m leaving you Francis,” were the last words heard from Claire. Tom Yates’ (Paul Sparks) intervention to the Underwoods’ life and marriage had caused the scales to fall from the First Lady’s eyes.

Frustrated that her husband’s career had flourished as hers withered, television’s frostiest Ice Queen was boiling with anger. But why did she walk out in the middle of Iowa campaign? Was it an attack on her husband or an opening tactic? If the latter, then what is her long-term strategy?

Can Frank bring her to his side before her absence undermines his run for the White House? Can he manage the White House without Claire and win the elections? Is Heather Dunbar the new Frank Underwood?

Frank’s rival for the Democratic nomination has attacked the President as a dangerous manipulator. She demonstrated she could be pretty manipulative herself last season, agreeing to buy from Doug potentially devastating details of the First Lady’s secret abortion – information that might have sunk the Underwoods’s campaign in God-fearing Iowa. In the end, Frank wooed his old lackey back. What will be the outcome?

It has also been confirmed that Lars Mikkelsen is returning as Russian president Viktor Petrov. In season 3, he and Frank groped towards an uneasy mutual understanding.

Neve Campbell joins House of Cards as high-flying political strategist Leann Harvey. Other newcomers include “The Killing’s” Joel Kinnaman as a slick, youthful Republican nominee for president and Ellen Burstyn as Claire’s matriarchal mother. How will the fresh arrivals alter the chemistry of the series – and impact on the apparently diverging ambitions of Team Underwood? All is to be revealed, reports The Telegraph.

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