The man, who was arrested for the Hoppers Crossing murder on Saturday, turned out to be a former school friend of the victim’s son, Wishhasad Somawansa. Prasad Somawansa, 48, was murdered at her Hoppers Crossing home, onThursday evening.

The son, after the arrest of Sigaragh Baea, revealed that the accused man is his former primary school best friend.

According to The Age, Somawansa met his childhood friend by chance. He had not seen Baea in more than a decade until they bumped into each other late last year.

Baea was requested to come to Somawansas’ Hoppers Crossing home for dinner in January. Prasad’s hospitality towards Baea was generous.

Last Thursday, Baea allegedly showed up at the Somawansa residence without warning, moments before Wishhasad was called out to a voluntary job with the State Emergency Service. The son allegedly dropped Baea at Werribee Plaza.

Two hours later, the mother was dead.

The son said that his mother had conquered breast cancer and a range of infections, and was ultimately recognising her ambition to become a teacher’s aide.

“Everywhere I went, I wanted to come home to mum,” he said. “She’d always have something cooked for me….I would smell the food as I would get out of the car….now she’s gone.”

He also expressed how everything was on the way towards perfection, but then it stopped with her death.

The victim’s husband, Privantha Somawansa, heard the fatal attack while he was on the phone with her. He gave detailed information to police about what happened during the phone call, says 9NEWS.

He said that he had phoned the victim around 8pm and heard “distressing noises.”

The detectives of the Homicide Squad arrested Baea from Lara on Saturday. Baea was dressed in a white-collared shirt, during a brief appearance before the Melbourne Magistrate’s court on Sunday.

He showed no emotion during this short encounter.