A group of university students have formed a political party in Hong Kong. The aim of the party is to aid an on-going movement to slacken the China’s clutch over the region.

Members of Hong Kong’s student activist group Scholarism has formed a political  party which will run candidates in the September legislative elections as reported by China Digital Times.

Joshua Wong, the leader of the group said, “We want to take back our future.” Scholarism has conducted many rallies in different districts in Hong Kong as a part of a campaign for democratic reform. The campaign is popularly known as the “Umbrella Movement.”



The members were the key figures in the 2014 campaign. It was a civil disobedience movement which demanded for a complete democratic election of Hong Kong’s chief executive in 2017.

“Our 2047” is the title of the manifesto and the opening lines of it read, “We believe in concrete action. We will not rule out any methods of action. We are not after any moral high ground.”

On Monday, 20 students and activists protested outside the Education Bureau’s office in Wan Chai demanding some curriculum changes. Apparently, the changes were proposed to prevent the students from being brainwashed.

Prince Wong Ji-yuet, spokesperson for the student activist group Scholarism demanded an explanation on “why there are so many pro-China education policies.”

According to Asian Correspondents, Hong Kong was granted a high degree of autonomy as a special administrative region, back in 1997. The grant was based on “one country, two systems.”

However, factors like localism and unstable living standards have generated an anti-mainland sentiment among the people from the region.

In February, there were violent riots in Hong Kong and dozens of activists appeared in court to face rioting charges, reported Asian Correspondents.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong education minister was pelted with bloody examination papers by lawmakers. The Lawmakers protested against the surge in students’ suicide in the region.