Jesus is up for sale. Yes, you heard right! It is, of course, not the historical Jesus Christ of Jerusalem whose birth we celebrate on December 25, but a marble statue that weighs 200 kilogrammes. Apparently, there are no takers yet. Who’d thought that Jesus would lie abandoned out in the open? Yet, that’s just what happened. The Daily Mail reports the story that first appeared on 3AW on Wednesday.

Annika Parr, who bought a house in Ringwood North in the northeast of Melbourne says the statue came with the house. “I actually bought the house six months ago. He came with the house despite me asking for him to leave with the previous owner, he’s been around for a while apparently,” Parr told 3AW on Wednesday.

It’s not known why Annika does not want the statue to remain in her home. Perhaps because she is not a Christian. It’s quite obvious, however, that the previous owner also did not want the marble Jesus and left him behind.

People have expressed interest in the statue and Ms. Parr has even been offered money as the statue has some historical significance. “Apparently he’s one of the first religious statues to have come over to Australia,” she says adding that the statue was at some “famous nunnery” in England.

However, despite people’s interest in this historic artifact of sorts, not mentioning the religious value, the statue is very heavy. “About three guys tried to carry him out and couldn’t,” she says, adding that “We needed a four-wheel-drive to tow him out.”

“We put a note on him: ‘Free to a good home for anyone who can lift him’ and just told people to be careful because he’s seriously heavy,” says Annika Parr. The statue is still on the front lawn of her house.

The statue has also somehow lost its right arm with metal rods jutting out, which makes the statue a bit hazardous. This probably occurred as a result of the previous owner trying to remove the statue from his home. It seems that Jesus does not want to leave this particular home.

Interestingly, the statue is dedicated “In memory of John Smith,” as is evident from a plaque at the bottom of it. This John Smith is obviously dearly departed. Perhaps, it’s his spirit that has so far foiled any attempts to remove the statue from the Melbourne home.