Showtime’s popular political thriller “Homeland” will be returning with its sixth season this winter. While the previous season reflected the November 2015 Paris attacks, there will be no terrorist attacks in the next season, claims the show runner Alex Gansa. On top of that, the character of Peter Quinn will also be seen transforming into a different individual. Maybe from a baddie to a good soul, we highly speculate.

“Homeland” Season 5 was shot in Berlin when the Paris and Brussels attack took place. Thus, the storyline partially followed the circumstances related to the occurrence. Now that the team has moved to the Big Apple (New York) to film Season 6, however, it will be wrong to expect that the series will show one more terrorist attack on the city. Since the series runner consider it ‘bad karma’, the approaching instalment will narrate a completely new story, learned Variety.

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On that note, Gansa explained, “We’re back in the city where 9/11 happened,” he said. “The easy thing to do would be another big terrorist attack in New York, but I think that’s bad karma. We’re going to tell a different story.”

Gansa also said the situation in Europe was crucial while they were shooting Season 5.

“Everyone who worked on the show did some soul searching. We wondered what message we should put out into the world, something we still struggle with, especially bringing ‘Homeland’ back to the States for next season. As a person making entertainment, do we want to create something that doesn’t exist?” he added in reference to the leeway of writing a storyline about ISIS or Al-Qaeda cells in the U.S.

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Variety reports more on that topic. After tiptoeing around the issue for some time, Gansa confirmed that even the CIA operative and assassin Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) will be changed, which might be another surprise for the viewers to explore.

Friend assumed that his Quinn may turn into a positive character, a role he said he would be very excited to play.

What’s in store in Season 6 of “Homeland” will be revealed with the airing of the series.