The moment that everyone is waiting for is finally getting closer.

Ricky Sharpe may soon find out what really happened to Brax after her friend, Phoebe Nicholson, learns that Brax is still alive, DigitalSpy reported.

Phoebe’s discovery comes after she stumbles across an email to Ash and confronts him on who it is from.

Ash will admit the truth to his girlfriend that Brax did not die from a car crash. This will leave Phoebe struggling whether to reveal the truth to Ricky, who admits that she is not sure what to do if she found out that her former lover and father of her son is still alive.

Phoebe will consider telling Ricky the truth but she will find herself in a more difficult situation after learning Nate’s plan to propose to her friend. Phoebe will try her best to discourage Nate from taking his relationship with Ricky to the next stage.

DigitalSpy cited Bonnie Sveen’s interview with TV Week, in which she said: “Ricky loved Brax but she is also ready to move on with Nate.”

Meanwhile, Oscar McGuire will be assumed dead when Summer Bay is hit by a massive storm in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away,” New Idea wrote.

Oscar will get caught up in the storm when he heads out into the sea for a late night swim to clear his head after he and girlfriend Maddy broke up.

Oscar’s loved ones are left fearing the worst when they can’t find him the following day and later find his clothes on the beach.

A massive search party gets underway to look for the teen but as the storm gets stronger, the search party is called off.

However, Maddy and Matt decide to take matters into their own hands and head out to look for Oscar. But the heavy rain creates rivers of mud in the road and the situation soon gets out of control.

Is Oscar still alive? If he is, will Maddy and Matt find him in time?

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7pm on Network Seven in Australia.​