Dr. Nate Cooper will consider taking his relationship with Ricky Sharpe to the next level.

Gavin, Nate’s father, is in Summer Bay. He gives his son an engagement ring that has been passed down the family and Nate thinks of popping the question to Ricky, DigitalSpy reported.

The father and son aren’t exactly on good terms because of Gavin’s difficult behavior. However, his father’s arrival makes Nate think of his future with Ricky.

However, Nate decides to hide the ring for the meantime. His concern is that it may be too soon for Ricky to commit again, but Nate’s bonding with Ricky’s son, Casey, makes him think of the ring again.

Will Nate propose? And will Ricky say yes?

In TV Week interview cited by DigitalSpy, Bonnie Sveen, who plays Ricky, admitted that there has been a mixed response to her character and Nate’s reconciliation.

“It’s been mixed. If you read social media, they are not as accepting of Ricky and Nate together. But what you don’t hear is what the older demographic think about them. My nan and her peers are huge fans of Nate and so is my mum. I am sure a lot of older viewers think, ‘Phew, Ricky has met a nice, good boy’ … With Nate, she has gone against type, that is for sure,” Sveen said.

Elsewhere, Kat Chapman will be the next victim of Charlotte King.

Kat digs deeper to prove that Charlotte was responsible for running over Trystan.  Knowing that Kat is close of finding the truth, Charlotte decides to lace Kat’s drink, and steal her gun and handcuffs.

Kat later wakes in her patrol car with her belongings missing.

Meanwhile, tonight in the Australia’s favorite soap, Phoebe and Kyle return home after losing their baby.

Kyle accuses Ash of wanting to terminate the pregnancy all along. The two get into a fight, RadioTimes wrote.

Phoebe later tells Kyle that he bullied her into having a baby. Kyle is stunned.

Watch preview of tonight’s episode here.

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7 pm on Network Seven in Australia.​