Charlotte’s efforts to keep someone secret hidden will cause the life of one main characters in “Home and Away.”

Marilyn will be electrocuted when she tries to clean up the spilled water near an electricity cable. Hunter spilled some water when he broke in and stole a safe at the Diner.

Leah and Roo find Marilyn, unconscious on the floor of the diner. They take her to the hospital. However, her doctors are not sure if she will gain consciousness again, RadioTimes reported.

When Hunter finds out that his robbery led to Marilynʼs electrocution, he wants to hand himself to the police, but Charlotte tells him to leave Summer Bay instead.

In order to protect Hunter, Charlotte tries to get rid of the safe he stole from the Diner. However, Denny catches her and demands to take the safe to the police, DigitalSpy noted.

Charlotte refuses and they struggle, causing Denny to fall and hit her head on the bench. When Charlotte checks on Denny, she is not responding. Charlotte then realizes that she might just have killed Denny.

Will Charlotte cover up another crime?

Elsewhere, Phoebe finds out that she is having twins. As the excitement builds up, Phoebe learns that one of her babies has died. While still processing the loss, Phoebe will be informed that the other baby has a severe congenital heart defect and is unlikely to survive full term.

Phoebe considers terminating her pregnancy, while Hannah suggests that she tells Kyle and Ash about it.

How will Kyle take another bad news?

Meanwhile, Kat finds out that Nate slept with Ricky. Ricky tries to apologize to Kat and explains that there is nothing going on between her and Nate; Kat ignores her and drives off.

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