While “Home and Away” Australia fans may already know what’s in store for Ricky, Nate and Brax, UK fans are still a few weeks behind. They’re still left to wonder — Will Ricky runaway with Brax?


Brax is finally back at Summer Bay and Ricky isn’t too happy with it, or at least that’s how she first reacted. Enraged by the fact that he went M.I.A. for six months and made everyone think he was dead, Ricky made it clear that he hated Brax for what he did.

Brax explained his reason for leaving and faking his death, which later calms Ricky down enough to apologize to him for her reaction. Brax then tells Ricky that he’ll always love her as he leans in for a kiss but Ricky pulls back.

He asks her to runaway with him.

It isn’t an easy decision for Ricky though. Although she obviously still has feelings for him, she had just said “Yes” to Nate’s wedding proposal earlier. Nate has stuck with her through everything, with taking care of Casey and going through her emotional rollercoaster while looking for Brax.

Ricky considers her options. Will she take Casey and runaway with Brax?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this will sure bring intense drama at Summer Bay.

On the other side of “Home and Away”, Roo offers Matt and Maddy to move in with him but the idea doesn’t sit well Matt. The couple decides to stay in the caravan, but Roo was able to bent on having them stay in with her. She promises Matt that she will not dwell in their lives if they lives with her. Matt argrees to move in, but things could more complicated than it seems.

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