“Home and Away” fans in the United Kingdom have reason to get excited about next week’s episodes. What will happen next in the fictional town of Summer Bay? Will Kat and Ash really hook up?

According to Radio Times, they will not. Kat will instead go ahead and date Dylan despite Phoebe’s attempts to stop her. The next UK episodes will see Kat firmly believing that Dylan has changed. Dylan will be bringing her flowers and they will even kiss. Although Kat will think that the kiss was a mistake, Dylan would insist “they are meant to be together.” Will Kat give in? Will they really get together?

Rumours, on the other hand, suggest that their romance might be short lived. According to Back to the Bay, “relationship woes [will] run rampant in Summer Bay.” Does this include Kat and Dylan? Will the pair hook up just to break up soon after? Fans will have to tune into the next few episodes of “Home and Away” to find out.

Meanwhile, a throwback character is set to return to Summer Bay soon.  In an earlier report, Back to the Bay confirmed that Duncan Stewart will return. However, fans of actor Brendan McKensy should not get too excited about this news just yet. McKensy will not return to play Duncan. Instead, another, much older actor, Benedict Wall, will come in and take on the role. This makes sense since it has been more than a decade since Duncan actually appeared on the show.

McKensy is not the only actor who played Duncan on “Home and Away” in the past. The character was first played by Lewis Devaney. The young actor played Duncan from 1990 until late 1998. McKensy, on the other hand, was cast for the part in 1998. The actor last made an appearance on the show as Duncan in 2005.