“Home and Away” star Tessa de Josselin has opened up about how playing the role of Billie affected her life.

The actress admitted that the rape scene and the pregnancy of her character have been a confronting experience to her especially she knows that these could happen to any woman.

“When I found out about the storyline, I did a lot of research. It’s a really shocking thing and I was aware of it when I was filming it because of that research,” de Josselin told Stuff Entertainment. “There are lots of support networks, websites and different avenues for women who have been attacked and I delved into a lot of that to get an understanding – more for the aftermath – about how women feel after an attack,” she added.

In the series, Billie kept the attack on her a secret. There are only two persons she told about it – Oscar (Jake Speer), who was killed in the caravan park explosion, and Phoebe (Isabelle Giovinazzo), who doesn’t agree with Billie’s decision to keep it secret.

“I think she’s just in shock,” Tessa de Josselin said about Billie’s reluctance to tell anyone about the rape. “She’s come to a place where she’s really happy, she’s settled in Summer Bay, she’s making friends and things are good and I think this attack just blindsides her. I think initially it’s not even really registering in her brain that it happened and that it was real. I think after that she just starts to freak out that no one will believe her because of her past behavior,” she added.

Billie, however, lets everyone believe that VJ (Matthew Little) is the father of her baby. The age gap between the couple also became an issue. Billie is 23 while VJ is 17. De Josselin teased that Billie and VJ’s relationship will not end because of their age gap.

According to Mirror, the couple will get married in the upcoming episode of “Home and Away” but it will turn into a disaster.

Mirror reported that “Home and Away” released images of pregnant Billie wearing a wedding gown but those who will witness the ceremony will be shocked when she run away from husband-to-be VJ.

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