Will fans have to say goodbye to one of their Summer Bay favourites soon? “Home and Away” returns with all new episodes this week. Below, we round up the “Home and Away” spoilers that have surfaced so far. Should fans brace for more losses?

According to Back to the Bay, Summer Bay is about to lose “two of its residents.” The next few episodes will be packed with “intense” drama. An explosion will reportedly shake the Bay to its core and leave at least one character dead. Who won’t survive the chaos?

One of the casualties could very well be Chris Harrington. The actor playing Chris, Johnny Ruffo, is about to leave the show. In a separate report, Back to the Bay said Seven Network itself confirmed the actor’s exit. “Triple threat [Johnny Ruffo] is hanging up his Diner apron to take on new challenges,” the network wrote on Twitter. This is a shock to many fans since Ruffo recently renewed his contract with the series. “I’m loving it – and, who knows? I might be the new Irene or Alf. I don’t mind getting about it in a hat and telling everyone off,” the singer-turned-actor even said.

Chris has been the “cheeky Diner waiter” on the show for a while now. Will he really die in the explosion? Or will “Home and Away” write his exit from the show a different way? No word as of yet to confirm this. Fans will have to check out next week’s episodes to find out. One thing is for sure, though: Andy will not die because of the explosion. Home and Away spoilers suggest that he will live “[struggling] with his guilt over the part he played in the accident.”

Aside from the accident, a hostage situation will also unfold in next week’s episodes.