Sally Fletcher has become an integral part of “Home and Away” since the soap first aired in 1988. She was there from the very first pilot episode. She also became the longest-staying original female cast at one point. However, the actress who played this character, Kate Ritchie, left the series 20 years later only to return for a short stint during the show’s 25th anniversary. Could Ritchie really reprise her role soon?

Summer Bay lost a lot of characters this year. Could the show’s writers possibly look to old fan favorites to fill the gap?  Could they really bring Sally back soon?

According to Mail Online, Sally’s return isn’t on the table for this year yet. However, Ritchie seems totally game to return if need be. In a recent interview, the actress pointed out that the option for her return is always there since “they didn’t kill [her character] off.”

The actress also joked about how “offended” she’d be if they didn’t at least invite her for the show’s next major anniversary.  “Home and Away” will be celebrating its three decades on air in 2018. If the actress gets her way, Sally will make her Summer Bay comeback then.

However, Ritchie might need some time to familiarize herself with the show’s current cast of characters before she dives back into the long-running soap. The show’s former star admitted that she hasn’t been able to catch up on the most recent episodes because she’s been busy with her two year old, Mae.

“I haven’t watched recently… Seven o’clock is a busy time for me putting Mae to bed. But it’s no excuse!” the actress explained. “I still tune in from time to time. I don’t know all the faces anymore, though. I tune in and think, ‘Hang on – who’s that person sitting on my couch? Who’s that in my kitchen?”

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