Roo will be heartbroken in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

After James revealed that he is already married and meeting his wife, Megan, Roo will be devastated. She is shocked that James deceived her, Radio Times wrote.

Roo will confide to Irene about James’s lies and will decide to confront him. However, James will be able to sweet talk Roo and will tell her that he loves her and still wants to be with her, What’s On TV wrote.

Meanwhile, Irene will be stunned when Roo admitted to her that she is considering the idea of forgiving James.

Alf, meanwhile, will visit James in the hospital to tell him to leave Roo alone. Alf will also try to persuade Roo to leave James and will tell her that she is making a big mistake of staying with him. However, Roo will ask him to respect her decision.

Maddy, on the other hand, will tell Roo that she does not want to live with James and has decided to move in with Alf.

Meanwhile, Kyle will kiss Ricky and Nate will see them.

Nate will confront Ricky, telling her that he saw her kissing Kyle. Nate will admit to Ricky that he is jealous and he does not like seeing her kiss another man. Ricky will confess to Nate that she still loves Kyle and they are only in an impasse.

These episodes will air next week (Jan. 11- 15) on Channel 7.

There have been rumors that both characters – Ricky and Kyle – will be killed off in the show.

The Daily Mail cited Woman’s Day claimed that Bonnie Sveen, who played Ricky, will be axed from the show and her character will be killed off in a massacre storyline.

Aside from Sveen, Woman’s Day reported that several other characters in the Seven Network soap will be killed off. Although “Home and Away” script executive Dan Bennett already denied the reports.