Who do you think will have a truly romantic story on Channel 7’s “Home and Away?” Will Ricky and Nate walk the aisle? Or will it be Ricky and Brax all over again? After all, Nate did call off their (his and Ricky’s) engagement when he realised Brax was still alive.

Channel 7 is planning an episode to answer all these questions. An entire episode will be centred on Ricky and Brax and what happens in their sweet own paradise in Summer Bay. Digital Spy reveals that while the Aussie fans of Summer Bay story will view the episodes next week, the UK fans will have to wait till April 15 to know more.

The two-hander will feature Ricky Sharpe thinking about a possible future with Brax, with whom she has a son Casey.  In fact she will have to make a decision for lifetime. Will it be Brax or Nate?

That is not all. Ash is still under the scanner for murdering Charlotte. ANN had mentioned earlier that Ash would be interrogated as a murder suspect. The Home and Away Australian Spoilers Facebook Page informs us that Dylan is hell bent on proving that Ash is the actual murderer. Why does Dylan want to prove Ash’s guilt? Is it because the latter had challenged him after finding out that the cop was abusive to Kat? How will this affect Ash and Phoebe’s relationship? Will Kat prove to be a good friend to the pair and help out or will she prove that she is a cop first?

Ash will be the second murder suspect in “Home and Away” after Irene. He will come under the radar when one of the police officers realise that he (Ash) has not been entirely truthful. Digital Spy tells us that he wasn’t with Phoebe the entire time after Leah and Zac’s wedding. This means that he doesn’t have a rock solid alibi for when Charlotte was murdered.

George Mason, the actor who plays the role of Ash, feels that things aren’t going great for the character.

Will Ash be charged with Charlotte’s murder after all? Tune in to find out.