Lots of characters have already died in Summer Bay this year. However, should fans expect more deaths to come on “Home and Away” soon?

In the past few episodes, Maddy seems to have given up all hope already. Rumors suggest that she will do something drastic soon. Will she really put her life on the line? Will she really die in the near future?

She just might do something desperate and reckless on the show next week. If Digital Spy’s report is proven correct, that is. Maddy will escape right after her surgery. She will take off without her medicine to visit Oscar’s grave.

Her doctors will tell her family and friends that her condition is serious. She has an MRSA infection. She would need treatment within 24 hours. Roo, Alf and Matt will try to search for her. Will they be able to find her in time? Or will she die all alone?

In a separate report, Digital Spy confirmed Matt will be able to find her. Evelyn, Roo and Alf will help him locate her. They will rush her to the hospital. But will it be too late? Will Maddy still die anyway? Fans will have to tune in next week to find out.

Meanwhile, an actor who recently joined the cast defended the long-running soap. James Stewart did not mince words.

“I know a lot of people are saying ‘why have you gone to Home and Away?’, but they need to grow up now,” he told The New Day. “Our [acting] coaches are the best in Australia.” Stewart also praised what made the show unique.

“Home and Away doesn’t sit there and ask the big questions,” he added. “It just shows little scenes and that’s as basic as it is, and for 28 years people have been going ‘half of me wants to switch it on and chill out with my family’ – it’s a simple pleasure the audience has and don’t mess with it, that’s what they want.”

“Home and Away” is one of Australia’s most popular shows. Stewart joined the cast this year as Justin Morgan.