Channel 7’s “Home and Away” gets action packed this week. Detective Kat gets attacked and Evelyn gets her results back. But does Oscar die? Did Ricky and Nate set the date? Warning! Spoilers ahead. Read only if you won’t be able to catch up with your favourite soap this week.

The show’s Twitter feed reveals that Charlotte’s killer is finally revealed. Who is he/she? And what happens to Kat? Digital Spy reveals that the detective gets in a scuffle with two thugs, who leave her for dead. In the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away,” it is revealed that as Kat searches through Denny’s belongings for clues, she gets hit from behind and thus collapses on the floor.

Does she die? Or will she fight for her life to catch the real killer? The Home and Away Australian Spoilers Facebook page reveals that Zac will be arrested this week and put to trial for Charlotte’s murder.

According to website Back to the Bay, detectives Kat and Dylan will unearth some crucial evidence that will suggest Zac being the killer. They will call him in for questioning. Zac is even denied bail and is asked to get a top lawyer to represent him.

In the meantime, Samantha Jade comes to the bay and Evelyn gets her results. Is her lump really cancer? Also, Ricky cannot believe that Nate is fixated over Brax. Back to the Bay reveals that she worries about him (Nate) and surprises Nate by setting up plans for them to walk the aisle this week. The website also discloses that in the upcoming episodes, Nate will move in with Ricky into the Palmer House.

Digital Spy informs that in “Home and Away,” Oscar will suffer a heartbreak when he breaks up with Maddy. To get his mind off, Oscar will go for a swim, unaware that a storm is due. However, when he fails to return, Zac will order a search party.