A dark secret will be revealed in the upcoming episode on Home and Away 2016 while love is still in air for the two main characters of the show.

Justin Morgan (James Stewart) continues to pursue Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo). Next week in the Aussie long-running soap, he will finally win back Phoebe. Elsewhere, Roo Stewart (Justine Clarke) will learn about the dark secret of her former sister-in-law Caroline Stewart’s (Nicole Shostak).

It can be recalled that Justin and Phoebe’s relationship was stained after the eldest of the Morgan siblings run after the rat in the police force that put the life of his family members in danger. In order to protect Phoebe, he asked her to stay away from him.

Meanwhile, what Caroline’s secret will be revealed in Home and Away 2016 next week? Could it be her illness or her use of unconventional medicine for her condition? Caroline has been keeping her illness to the Stewart family. Dr. Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor) is the only one who knew about her sickness but she asked him not to tell anybody about it.

In a preview for next episode, Roo finds out about Caroline drug use. She admits to Roo that she is getting her stash from Ash (George Mason). Roo offers to help her but Caroline said there is nothing she can do for her. She will then reveal to Roo that she has Huntington’s disease which is incurable.

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Caroline’s ex-husband Duncan (Benedict Wall) will ask for full custody of her son, Bryce. He believed Caroline is unfit mother after Bryce went missing when Caroline passed out. Can Caroline tell Duncan the truth why she is using weeds?

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on Seven Network in Australia. These episodes will be aired a little late in the UK.

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