A lot will happen on “Home and Away” this week. Stop reading if you don’t want to know all about it. For starters, the episodes are going to be about Charlotte, Trystan, Evelyn, Josh and Roo. Dailystar reports that Hunter will be kidnapped by Trystan’s goons who will drug him and abandon him.

Will Hunter survive the kidnapping? Will he survive in the bush? As of now, we don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that Trystan will ask for a ransom. Charlotte will give the $200,000 and hope for her trials to be over, reports Radio Times.

However, we can tell you for sure that it is not going to be that way. She will be dragged deeper in this mess and when Charlotte will loses it, she will run Trystan over. “Trystan has been terrorizing her for weeks but when he involves her son it’s the final straw,” a “Home and Away” insider told Dailystar.

Then we have Josh, whom the doctors are trying to save. According to Radio Times, we will see Evelyn feeling unhappy about moving away from Summer Bay with Tank. She gets even more uncomfortable when she realizes that Tank robbed a shop for it and has some strange ideas in his head.

In the upcoming episodes, she will send details of her location to Josh and will also manage to escape the shack she is kept in. The website further states that while Evelyn will be safe and sound, Josh will be attacked by Tank. Doctors will have to perform an emergency surgery on Josh in a bid to save him, but he will remain unconscious and may never recover.

And while all this is happening, will Roo confront James? Will she stay or break up with him after knowing about his parents?