Gavin will be involved in a car crash in the upcoming episode of “Home and Away.”

Is he going die in the series? No, he will be brought into the hospital, wherein Ricky encourages him to forgive his father, RadioTimes reported.

Before this, Ricky will tell Nate that Gavin touched her. The doctor will confront Gavin and will tell him that he never wants to see him again.

Also coming up in the Aussie hit soap,  VJ will see Olivia’s scars on her thighs. VJ will offer a shoulder to cry on, but instead Olivia will storm off.

Olivia will then confide to Irene and will admit to her that she was abused by a friend of her uncle James. Her secret brings back painful memories to Irene.

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode will be aired in Australia, but not in the UK, DigitalSpy reported Ash will be the next suspect on Charlotte King’s death and police will arrest him.

Ash’s arrest will come after fingers were pointed at Irene Roberts, who was taken in custody after evidence put her at the crime scene, DigitalSpy reported.

Detective Dylan Carter found out that Ash lied when he said he was with girlfriend Phoebe the entire time after Leah and Zac’s wedding and the time that Charlotte was murdered. Ash later told the police that he was instead picking his sister Billie up in Yabbie Creek at the time of the murder, which raises more suspicion to the police.

Phoebe is devastated with Ash arrest. She will try to convince her friend Kat to help him out.

Earlier, Trystan put pressure on Charlotte to get information on Brax whereabouts, which forced her to seduce Kyle to get information she needed. Steve Peacocke, who played Brax, previously confirmed that he will be coming back in the Aussie soap to “spice things up a bit.”

​“Home and Away” airs weekdays on Channel 5 in the UK and weekdays at 7 pm on Network Seven in Australia.