Who is Charlotte’s murderer? Is the “unknown” culprit not unknown after all? Was Charlotte King killed by someone she knew?

According to Digital Spy, “a dark cloud” has been hanging over Summer Bay following Charlotte’s murder. She was shot dead by someone and her body was thrown into the sea. After her body is discovered, Digital Spy said, a new detective, Dylan Carter, will come to Summer Bay to find out who Charlotte’s murderer is. Her ex-husband Zac MacGuire will reportedly be “brought in for questioning.” Could he be the culprit? If not him, who else would want Charlotte dead? According to Yahoo! Australia, a handful of people might have wanted Charlotte gone. Yahoo! described her character as a “manipulative blonde stunner” with lots of “enemies.” Aside from MacGuire, Yahoo! listed other characters who might have committed the crime.

According to Yahoo!, MacGuire and his fiance Leah Patterson might have enough motive to kill her. Charlotte did almost ruin their wedding when she showed up unannounced and “threatened to reveal everyone’s secrets.” However, Charlotte’s son could be the culprit too. According to Digital Spy, Hunter will have a “strange reaction” to his mom’s murder. He will appear to be “in denial” as he visited his girlfriend Olivia. Olivia, according to Yahoo! could also be a suspect in Charlotte’s murder. According to the news site, not even cast members were allowed to know who the killer is. Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah, confirmed this.

“There’s a whole lot of suspects…no one was allowed to know. Even the actual person who did it didn’t know, as in, a lot of us shot an ending. We shot a whole lot of different endings,” Nicodemou said.

Who really killed Charlotte? You can catch ” Home and Away” when it returns on Thursday, March 17 on Channel 5.