Deception and revival will be core issues of the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) will show signs of improvement at the hospital after he was brutally attacked by Evie’s ex-boyfriend Tank, DigitalSpy wrote.

Nurse Hannah Wilson breaks the news to Evie and Josh’s older brother, Andy (Tai Hara), that there is nothing more they can do to help him. The two will stay at Josh’s bedside throughout the ordeal.

However, the strain will begin to take its toll on Evie, who is in the middle of taking school exams. She will collapse, which will leave Andy alone with Josh.

Doctors will tell Andy that there has been no improvement on Joshʼs brain activity and he should consider turning off his life support. However, Andy will then see a sign when his brother’s finger moves and will stop the doctors from turning off his life support, Radio Times reported.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Charlotte King (Erika Heynatz) strikes again with another deception. Kyle Braxton makes a huge mistake when he gets entangled with Charlotte’s lies.

Trystan still believes that Brax is alive. He is putting pressure on Charlotte to get information on Brax whereabouts. Charlotte is left with no choice but to get information to someone she can manipulate – Kyle.

As things continue to get out of control for Charlotte, she finds herself growing closer to Brax’s brother.  After sleeping with him, she makes a quick exit. However, Charlotte will soon realize what she has done and will be horrified by the line she has just crossed.

Will her deception continue or will she tell Kyle everything?

Charlotte has been involved earlier with several tragedies in Summer Bay and she continues to keep her dark secrets including the death of Kat Chapman.

“Home and Away” airs Mondays to Fridays on Channel 5.