Brax is officially back in Summer Bay.

Brax’s return in “Home and Away” will threaten the relationship between his former lover, Ricky and Nate.

The doctor will call off his engagement with Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) after learning that Brax (Steve Peacocke) is still alive, DigitalSpy wrote.  Nate previously popped the question o and asked her to take their relationship to the next level. She agreed.

Kyle Pryor, who plays Nate, told New Idea: “Nate is very aware of the connection they share. He wants to take the pressure off her, given this new information, and he wants to give her the space she needs to come to a realisation.”

However, Ricky will not receive Brax’s return with open arms easily. Brax needs to deal with her anger after he faked his own fatal car accident, leaving her a single mother to their baby boy, Casey.

“Ricky wants to prove to herself that she doesn’t want him in her life now. But they share a kid, so it’s not that simple,” Sveen revealed to New Idea.

Peacocke earlier confirmed that he will be coming back in the Aussie soap to “spice things up a bit.”

“It is a nice little surprise. It was a good story the producers put to me, so I thought it is a nice way to see everyone for a bit,” Peacocke revealed.

Meanwhile, Andy will kiss Hannah. She will later tell Chris what happened but he will walk out on her, Radio Times reported.

Chris will struggle to cope with Hannahʼs revelation. He will admit to Hannah that he is worried that she will cheat on him.

Will the incident lead to Chris and Hannah split?

Andy, meanwhile, will see some hope when his brother, Josh, shows sign of improvement.  Josh has been in a coma after he suffered serious injuries on the hands on Evie’s ex-boyfriend Tank.

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