We are back to Summer Bay. ANN had reported earlier that Oscar gets caught in the storm when he goes for a swim. Was he able to get back safely? What happens to Zac? Has Denny Miller been found? What is going on between Nate and Ricky? Find out on the episodes of Channel 7’s “Home and Away.”

According to Radio Times, to start with, a bruised Oscar is brought back to safety by Billie, who also informs the police. A guilty Maddy goes along with Matt to search for Oscar but the couple have to take refuge in their car. After a night cap, the pair will feel some chemistry between them. However, given Oscar’s situation, they have to put a brake on their feelings for each other.

The upcoming episodes will also reveal the breakup of Ash and Phoebe. Is it because Phoebe saw Kat leaving Ash’s van after having spent the night?

Radio Times reveals that hikers call the police when they find the body of a female in her twenties. Detective Kat has this sinking feeling that the body could be Denny’s. Even Digital Spy has confirmed that Denny is dead. Ash asks Kat about Denny’s murderer, but the guy is asked to keep the conversation to himself by the detective. Kat tells Phoebe about Denny’s death after getting a confirmation.

In the meantime, Josh feels that he will always be a burden and tells Andy that the best thing would be for him (Josh) to die. In fact, Josh struggles to accept the reality that University may not be an option for him. Andy is doing his best to support Josh. Elsewhere, Olivia opens up to Hunter about her scars. Irene opens a bottle of vodka because she feels bad for attacking Leah, explains Radio Times. Irene opens up about her baby that she had to give up.