Home and Away 2016 released spoilers, and going by that one can assume that there is going to be a massive turnaround of events for Summer Bay. The next episode will be an emotion-laden one with interesting dates and fresh romance which are engaging enough to keep the fans glued to the screen.  What one can expect, here are a few cues.

The spoilers shows Evelyn MacGuirewho is in anguish over Oscar MacGuirecontinues on her downward spiral.  Her own life is in danger. One also sees Tori and Justin Morgan discussing whether to let loose the rules of their relationship as they go through witness protection. Meanwhile, BrodyMorgan although will leave the hospital, will still be troubled by weird dreams. All these will be seen on Monday, September 5 episode.

New on Tuesday, Kat Chapman goes on the first shift at Salt, but unfortunately, discovers herself in problems.  There is something romantic brewing between Tori and Duncan Stewart once again. Chris Harrington saves Evelyn from drowning. Phoebe Nicholson is approached by Justin Morgan for a date. Earlier Tori snapped at Justin and in this episode, Tori apologizes to him.

Wednesday has even some more interesting developments stored in Home and Away 2016. There is romance budding between Leah Patterson-Baker and ZacMacGuire’s. Perhaps love is in the air, as even Olivia and Hunter King admit their love for each other. Tabitha Ford is however confronted by Olivia Fraser Richards to confess that she changed Hunter’s mark.

The next day episode on Thursday, however, brings a sad twist, as after being emotionally shattered, Olivia expresses to Hunter, for now, they cannot be together.

Well, there are some more happenings around the corner. To know stay tuned to Home and Away 2016 which airs Monday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on Seven Network in Australia.