How would last week’s explosion change the lives of the residents of Summer Bay? Will a fan favourite really end up wanting to kill herself because of it? “Home and Away” returns with whole new episodes this week. Should fans brace for more losses?

According to Digital Spy, Maddy Osborne will struggle to come to terms with the injury she sustained from the explosion. She was trapped in last week’s carnage. And as a result, she needed to have her arm amputated. She will reportedly feel “increasingly unsure” about her future because of what happened. She will also feel that her boyfriend Matt Page would no longer want to be with her.

Will Maddy really try to do something “reckless” that would put her life in danger? Digital Spy seems to suggest so. However, she will not try to take her own life. She will just try to run away. Matt will still try to reassure her of his love. But, according to the news site, Maddy will still try to escape Summer Bay anyway. However, this might prove to be a mistake. Because she will reportedly collapse on the floor after feeling pain in her chest. Will Matt or anyone else be able to find her before anything worse happens to her?

You can check out “Home and Away” every Monday to Thursday night on Channel Seven in Australia.

Meanwhile, according to News Australia, two  “Home and Away” TV specials spin-offs will be made later this year. “They’re going to be very unique…and very epic,” Channel Seven head of drama Julie McGauran said. “We’ve been working on it for some time with our friends at Presto and I’m sure our fans will love (these specials)…they will have a different flavour but [will] be just as exciting as the last.”