“Home and Away” has been on the air for almost two decades now. Summer Bay has seen its fair share of TV deaths. But the soap is far from being done. Which character might be fated to die soon?

Actress Philippa Northeast recently told Stuff New Zealand that she thinks her character might be “cursed.” Will Evelyn “Evie” MacGuire really be the next to die? “We did joke that Evie was now the bigger curse with everyone around her dying,” the “Home and Away” star told Stuff. Throughout the series, Evie has had to live through the deaths of her father, aunt and three siblings. This, Northeast revealed, has always made her scared that she would be the next to be killed off on the show.

“I was also a little bit fearful that I was going to die after hearing that everyone else was going,” she said. “But they can’t kill us all…I think it’s the nature of these kinds of show that they’ve got to have that big shock factor occasionally. But I didn’t realise it would be everyone around my character’s life that would go.”

Meanwhile, Evie’s boyfriend Josh Barrett might just leave Summer Bay soon. According to Back to the Bay, actor Jackson Gallagher, who plays this character, has just confirmed his exit. Barrett was recently revealed to be the person who murdered Charlotte.

Northeast also talked about what happens to her character when she finds out what her boyfriend did. “[Evie is] completely distraught with the loss of her family so Josh [did not] think it’s the right time to tell her…When she does find out, she’s pretty cross…But Josh is the only thing now that she has left in the world. So she’s pretty determined to keep him from going to prison,” the actress further declared to Stuff.