The lives of two main characters will be in grave danger in the upcoming Home and Away 2016 season finale.

A murder involving Justin Morgan (James Stewart) could be the year-end cliffhanger of the show.

DigitalSpy cited TV Week report that Morgan’s witness protection officer, Decker (John Adam), will be shot dead by the same drug syndicate that killed their parents.

Justin and Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) will work together to end Morgan’s need for protection. Kat will advise the Morgan family to hand over Decker’s thumb drive to their new protection officer Ranae but Justin doesn’t feel right about her.

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As Justin and Kat browse the memory stick, they found out that it contains information about the syndicate and it will incriminate the people who are responsible for their parents’ death. After finding out Decker’s secret, the house where Kat and Justin are hiding is sprayed by bullets.

Kat will be wounded. Justin will drag her out to safety but he will go back to the house after realizing that they left the thumb file.

Ranae will catch Justin and interrogate him on what he knows about the syndicate. Justin refuses to back down and instead tells her to shoot him. Will this be the end of Justin?

Don’t miss the upcoming Home and Away 2016 season finale on Channel Seven in Australia.

Meanwhile, some previous characters in Home and Away 2016 will return for the two spinoffs scheduled in December and January 2017.

The specials are Home and Away: Revenge and Home and Away: All or NothingDigitalSpy noted in a separate report.

Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton) and Lisa Gormley (Bianca Scott) will star in both spinoffs. The duo previously appeared in Home and Away spinoff An Eye For an Eye last year. Revenge is a spinoff to An Eye for an Eye.

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In All or Nothing, the two will be joined by Nic Westaway. The actor will once again play his role as Heath’s brother Kyle. Other cast members of the spinoff are Kyle Pryor (Nate Cooper), Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) and George Mason (Ash). All of them are currently in Home and Away 2016. Samantha Jade will also come back as Kyle’s former love interest Isla Schultz.

Home and Away: Revenge will be available on Foxtel On Demand from December 19 for its subscribers.

Home and Away: All or Nothing will air on January 26, 2017.