Roo Stewart will hit rock bottom in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away” while Maddy Osborne will decide on what to do next.

On previous episode of “Home and Away,” Roo is being investigated by the police because of her involvement in the recent explosion that killed Oscar MacGuire and Hannah Wilson, the International Business Times reported.

According to Back to the Bay, Tanya Osborne is taking legal action against Roo for causing the blast. Roo found out about Tanya’s lawsuit. In a sneak peak shared by Seven Network, Roo and Alf talk about the legal charges filed by Tanya, in which she seeks up to $400,000 in damages. Alf wants to call a lawyer for Roo since she needs to respond to the lawsuit before the month ends. However, Roo wants to wait until Tanya’s anger subsided so she can talk to her.

Tanya, on the other hand, said she can’t trust Roo anymore. She told Alf that she just wants to protect her daughter. Alf insisted that the explosion was not Roo’s fault.

Meanwhile, Roo is also having nightmares since the explosion. She told Alf that every time she sleeps, she sees Oscar. She decided to use sleeping pills, despite Alf’s objections, iBT wrote.

Roo will even hit rock bottom when Maddy revealed that she plans to leave Summer Bay after losing her arm in the explosion, Digital Spy wrote. Maddy has already told Matt that she plans to leave and travel the world.

Georgie Parker, who plays Roo, told TV Week:  “Roo is devastated. Her life revolves around Maddy – what she needed, what she could do to help her, how she could support her. Roo has been a mother figure. Maddy wanting to leave brings an enormous sense of loss. Everything is too much for her.”

“She is happy for Maddy, but knows, inevitably, that all the young people around her will move on. It makes her feel vulnerable and depressed,” Parker added.