Six characters have been rumored to be killed off in the upcoming season of “Home and Away,” including one of the most favorite female lead stars.

The Daily Mail cited Woman’s Day claimed that actress Bonnie Sveen will be axed from the show as producers attempt to boost ratings.

Sveen, who played Ricky Sharpe, was recently spotted wiping tears while filming her final scenes on set.

The magazine said the Ricky will be killed off in a massacre storyline.

Bonnie did not confirm the reports but said there would be some changes in the show next year.

“It’s going to be a big shake-up because quite a few people are leaving. I think it will give the show a much needed revamp – it’s what the future needs,” the magazine quoted the actress saying.

“That’s why Home And Away is so successful, because it continues to adapt – when one season ends, a new one begins with a new flavor,” Bonnie added.

Aside from Sveen, Woman’s Day reported that several other new additions in the Seven Network soap are not as highly regarded by viewers as older characters.

“The New Year looks set to kick off with a major culling of the younger and newer cast members,” a source reportedly told the publication.

Producers allegedly decided to kill off those who did not rank in research, which was carried out earlier this year.

Pia Miller and Kyle Pyror were allegedly among those who will be axed.

However, “Home and Away” script executive Dan Bennett took on Twitter to deny the reports.

“This Woman’s Day story is complete B.S. on every level. Not a word of truth in it. How can they just make c**p up?!! Woman’s Day strikes again…” he told fans of the Australia’s longest running soap.

The Daily Mail earlier reported that Bonnie denied that she was about to leave the show, and stressed that she was “still comfortable in the Bay.”