A familiar face is about to return to Summer Bay.

“Home and Away” producer Lucy Addario confirmed that Morag Bellingham will be coming back. His return has something to do with the trial of Charlotte King’s murder.

Last year, the Aussie show announced that Cornelia Frances will return to reprise her role as Morag. The character made her last appearance in “Home and Away” in 2013, DigitalSpy noted.

Morag will come back to Summer Bay after Alf asked her help in representing a resident who is wrongly accused of murdering Charlotte.

DigitalSpy cited TV Week interview with Addario where he said, “Alf calls on Morag to defend someone who has been accused of Charlotte’s murder. She is ruthless and determined. ”

The TV showrunner also teased that fans could expect a lot more this year.

He shared, “There is a lot coming up in the first half of the year. There will be a wedding and the arrival of the Morgan family. Amongst all that drama, there is going to be a proposal, a court case that may see a Summer Bay favourite locked up for years and some new romances!”

In the upcoming episode of “Home and Away,” Charlotte, played by Erika Heynatz, will die after getting shot by an unknown assailant.

Ada Nicodemou, who played Leah Patterson-Baker, told Yahoo Australia, “There’s a whole lot of suspects. One week you think it’s one person, the next week you think it’s another, and we didn’t even know.”

“No-one was allowed to know. Even the actual person who did it didn’t know – as in, a lot of us shot an ending. We shot a whole lot of different endings,” she added.

Charlotte has been previously involved in several tragedies in Summer Bay. She recently got close to Kyle Braxton to get information about Brax’s whereabouts.

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7 pm on Network Seven in Australia.

Meanwhile, former “Home and Away” star Andrew Morley will be joining another Aussie show – “Neighbours.”

The Daily Telegraph reported that Morley will appear as a regular on “Neighbours” in mid-April.

His character, John Doe, does not have family ties to the other characters in the show and has a mysterious background. Paige (Olympia Valance) will help John Doe to uncover this mystery.

Morley left “Home and Away” in April 2015 after playing Spencer Harrington for two years.

“Neighbours” airs weekdays at 6:30 pm on Eleven in Australia.