The life of another favorite character in “Home and Away” will be in danger while a couple’s relationship is on the brink of separation.

Irene Roberts’ life will be in danger as she will be kidnapped by a disturbed man.  The man named, Mick, will first try to kidnap Olivia but he will fail. Mick will hear Olivia talking about Irene with Chris and Kat, DigitalSpy reported. The conversation will prompt him to confront Irene and tell her that he is her long-lost son. Irene will then disappear.

DigitalSpy cited Lynne McGranger’s interview with TV Week where she revealed that Mick is convinced that Irene is his mother. But then he also blames her for what he has become after hopping from one foster home to the next. McGranger portrays the role of Irene.

“Mick is a psycho and he blames Irene for his state. He has gone from one bad foster home to the next. All he wants is for his mother to love him – and he doesn’t want to share her with anyone else,” she told TV Week.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Marilyn will be backed in Summer Bay with husband, John but things will not be the couple.

In the story, the couple has traveled and left the bay for a while. Their absence in the soap allowed the actress Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, to take a six-month maternity leave, TheBitbag reported.

Digital Spy noted, in a separate report, that John will seek to rekindle his and Marilyn’s old love upon her return, but it appears that it won’t be as easy as he thinks.

According to Back to the Bay, the gap between John and Marilyn will widen in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

Symons talked about John and Digital Spy quoted her saying: “He thought they could pick up just where they left off. But the dynamic between them has changed. She has come back more sophisticated and John is left feeling very parochial.”

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7pm Monday to Thursday on Network Seven in Australia and 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK.