Another major character in “Home and Away” 2016 might be killed off while Nate has found a new love.

Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) will fight for his life after he suffers a heart attack. The Summer Bay resident will be out on a boat trip with newcomer Justin Morgan when they encounter a mechanical trouble while at the sea, DigitalSpy reported.

Justin will make a desperate attempt to swim to shore to seek help, TV Week reported. Is Alf going to survive the hearth attack?

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Another reason you should not miss the upcoming episodes of the Aussie long-running soap is the love story of Nate Cooper and Ricky Sharpe.

Nate is devastated after his marriage with Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) fell apart and she left Summer Bay with her son Casey. Ricky has decided to leave Summer Bay and Nate to have a fresh start with Brax.

The doctor is struggling to move forward without Ricky but he might find help from Tori Morgan. The character, played by Robin Marchant, is also a doctor and she will start working alongside Nate at the local hospital. Rumors will also spread at the hospital that Tori is the reason why Nate and Ricky split.

Tori first appeared in “Home and Away” earlier last month during the caravan explosion tragedy. It was earlier reported that the Morgan family is set to arrive in Summer Bay this week. According to Her, Nate will immediately strike up a friendship with the new family in town, particularly with Tori.

Kyle Pryor, who plays Nate, told TV Week: “Tori is someone he can really talk to. It’s a nice escape for him. He values that, considering what he’s gone through.”