Mason Morgan will reveal the truth to Laura in the upcoming episode of Home and Away 2016 in the UK.

Fans of the Aussie long-running soap Down Under was left with a shocking cliffhanger last week. Viewers in the UK, on the other hand, will finally know the Morgan family’s secret.

Lara Adams (Elle Harris) will arrive in Summer Bay and assume that her boyfriend Mason (Orpheus Pledger) has already moved on after seeing him comforting Evie MacGuire (Philippa Northeast). Evie has opened up to Mason about her feelings towards Josh. Lara will saw him giving Evie a hug. She will assume that it was the reason why he brushed her off earlier at the hospital. She will accuse Mason of dating Evelyn, who just split with boyfriend Josh. Mason will explain to her that Evie is just a friend, but Lara will not believe him.

Lara thinks Mason is not committed to their relationship and threatens to leave him if he will not be honest with her. Desperate to keep Lara, Mason is left with no choice but to tell her about his family’s dark secret. He will reveal to her that the Morgan family is under witness protection. Tori will find out that Lara is in town and will lash out at Mason for putting their family at risk.

Will Lara stay now that she knows what the Morgan family is hiding and that Mason life is in danger?

This Home and Away 2016 episode will air in the UK weekdays at 1:15pm and at 6pm on Channel 5.

The family secret will continue to hunt Justin, Brody, Mason and Tori Morgan. It also caused a tragic plane crash that may claim some lives.

Duncan Stewart organized a surprise birthday present for Tori – a trip on a private jet to a winery. Aside from Tori and Duncan, her brothers Mason and Brody also joined the trip along with Nate, Leah, Irene, Billie and Evie. It was hinted that not everyone on the plane will return alive.

These scenes will air in the UK on September 23 on Channel 5. Home and Away 2016 in Australia will return on August 22.