“Home and Away” returns with all new episodes this week. What does the hit show have in store for fans in the next few episodes? A couple of Home and Away spoilers have already surfaced ahead of next week’s episodes. Could any of them be true?

According to Digital Spy, Kylie and Isla would continue being held captive by a “threatening” group led by Dave. The pair would be led through bushland and be given a couple of shovels. Would their captors really make Kylie and Isla literally dig their own graves? Is this really the end for the both of them?

Digital Spy suggests that it there might still be hope for the two when Dave gets distracted by a phone call. But will Kyle be able to make the most out of Dave’s distraction? Can he and Isla really get the upper hand?

Meanwhile, in a separate report, Digital Spy said Leah will face serious backlash following Zac’s arrest. The entertainment site also speculates that VJ and Hunter would not be able to keep Leah from seeing a vandalised shower block at the caravan park. Zac earlier claimed that Leah might have been behind Charlotte’s murder. VJ and Hunter were earlier seen trying to clean up the vandalism. But Leah will still stumble upon it in next Wednesday’s episode anyway. Someone will also spray paint the words “Murderer lives here” across the wall of her house. Could Leah really be the murderer?

Will Dave succeed in killing the Kylie and Isla? Or will someone come and save them just before they finish literally digging their own graves? Could any of these Home and Away spoilers be proven true? Fans would just have to tune in to the show’s April 27 episode to find out.

You can check out episodes of “Home and Away” on Channel 5.