Kyle seems to be in a heap of trouble this week on “Home and Away”. As if the trouble he’s had ever since he moved to Summer Bay isn’t enough, the other Braxton brother could also be facing jail time for a crime he did not commit. Ouch!

Kyle has seen his heartbroken several times already since he moved in to Summer Bay, but this time, it seems he is willing to go a hundred extra miles for his friend-slash-lover, Isla. Kyle is taking the fall for her and this time he’s headed for the gaol.

In this week’s episode, Ricky will be devastated to know that there’s no way out for Brax’s brother, and much like him, Kyle will not be able to avoid prison. Will this be the reason for him leaving the show?

Last week, Ricky dealt a great argument with him, pointing out that it’s stupid to take the blame for Isla. She also reminded Kyle that he promised Brax he’d take care of her and Casey, to which Kyle answered he really wants to but he can’t just leave Isla alone.

“Brax taught me everything I know about family. He gave me a second chance,” Kyle told Ricky.

“This is why I am doing this for Isla. She deserves another chance to be with her family.”

As for Ricky, this may be a bit too much for her, especially with her having to deal with Nate and their wedding. Will she continue tying the knot with Nate, or will she runaway?

On the other side of the beach, Maddy becomes the victim of online abuse which she tries to hide but Matt will find out and helps her stop the cyber bullying she’s facing.

Zac will also face personal issues, with his past haunting him.

To find out what will happen in the crazy world of Summer Bay, watch “Home and Away 2016” Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm on SEVEN. Keep it locked here for more Home and Away Spoilers.