Lots of characters have come and were gone from “Home and Away.” But will Summer Bay suffer another loss soon? Will Katarina Chapman leave because the actress playing her is “unpopular” on set? Has Pia Miller really been fired from the long-running soap because her co-stars can’t stand her?

According to Mail Online, reports suggest that Miller acts like a total “diva” on set and she is not at all well-liked among her castmates. “People don’t like Pia,” a source was quoted as saying. “She has one of the smallest acting portfolios on the show, but carries on like she’s a five-time Oscar winner.”

However, it might not be true that Miller will be making her TV exit on “Home and Away” soon. According to Digital Spy, her co-stars even came to her defense. “I think that was a really awful article to have put out… from a cast perspective it’s just completely untrue and no one knows where that came from,” Philippa Northeast said. “We all enjoy working with [her] and we’re all just a big creative group and no one despises people that much on set like that article made it sound like. Not at all.”

Northeast also said she has personally assured Miller that the rumor is false. “We’re just talking to Pia and telling her it’s obviously not true,” she said. “She knows that the media can run away with things that are fabricated, so she’s just being really sensible about it… And I think everyone else is, and we all know it’s a load of crap, to be honest.”

Mail Online also pointed out that Ada Nicodemou also previously refuted the report. “We were laughing at how comical the story was,” she was quoted as saying. “There are no on-set tensions. I don’t even know what they are talking about.”