Fans of Home and Away are accustomed of seeing characters coming and going, but this time brothers Andy and Josh may have run away from the show for good.

We all know that the two are not having their best time in Summer Bay. Josh Josh (Jackson Gallagher) has confessed of killing Charlotte King. However, he has no plan of serving his 25 years in prison sentence. He fled jail with the help of his brother Andy (Tai Hara). As for Andy, his feud with Tank is the main reason behind the tragic caravan park explosion.  Two died in the blast – Oscar MacGuire and Hannah Wilson.

What will happen after Josh left?

The main person who will suffer the most of Josh’s departure was his girlfriend Evelyn “Evie” MacGuire (Philippa Northeast). Before the Barrett brother totally cut their connection from people they know in Summer Bay, Josh send a final text to Evie. He apologized for leaving her and promised he will love her forever.

This marks the latest set of departures from the Aussie’s long-running soap in the past few months. Aside from Josh, Andy, Oscar and Hannah, other characters that have departed the show are Maddy and Ricky.

Perhaps the new set of departure would be filled by the arrival of the Morgan family in Summer Bay. However, the family arrived in town with a dark secret with them. It was recently revealed that they are under a witness protection program. It seems that the Morgans has brought danger with them and anyone will get close to any of the family will be at risk as well.

In the upcoming episodes of the Aussie soap, Tori Moran will find herself falling for Nate Cooper, Back to the Bay reported. Nate will get into serious danger when someone injects him with a drug.

Is Nate going to be the next casualty of the series of tragedies in town?

Home and Away will air the Barrett’s brothers exit in Australia few from now and in the United Kingdom in the coming months.

Home and Away airs from Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Seven Network in Australia. In the UK, Home and Away airs during weekdays at 1.15 pm and 6 pm on Channel 5.