“Home and Away” star Isabella Giovinazzo revealed that her character may have a new love interest in the future.

Giovinazzo plays Phoebe Nicholson on the Channel 7 show. She made her first appearance on “Home and Away” in  2013 when the singer/songwriter Phoebe arrived in Summer Bay when she found out that her former boyfriend Kyle Braxton (Nic Westaway) was organizing a music festival.

When she broke up with Kyle, Phoebe moved on to Ash (George Mason) until she found out that is pregnant with twins to Kyle. She lost the babies and her relationship with Ash got strained.

Next in “Home and Away,” Phoebe will tell Ash that she still loves him. They will share a kiss, but she will tell him that they should take things slow, RadioTimes wrote.

“Phoebe has changed, she has grown up. She has moved on from wanting to be a pop star and she is teaching now,” Isabella Giovinazzo told news.com.au about her character. “There is potentially a new love on the horizon which is very exciting. Maybe a more mature love,” she teased.

There are several new faces coming in “Home and Away” including Samantha Jade as Isla Schultz, former “Packed to the Rafters” star James Stewart as Justin Morgan, and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Dylan Carter.

“There’s no day when I don’t look forward to coming to work. There are a whole lot of new people on the show who are super talented and they have brought a new breath into the place,” Giovinazzo said.

Meanwhile, the actress also explained why she and husband Charlie Ford kept their wedding last year a secret, news.com.au reported.

“It was such a special day for us and I want to keep it close to my heart …  That was only immediate family because it was so poignant for us,” Giovinazzo said.

“If there is a little part of me just for me then it is easier to bring big stuff to my scenes as Phoebe on Home and Away because I’ve got a little part of me tucked away for myself,” she added.