Did Andrew Morley just slam his former TV show “Home and Away” by saying that his new show has given him the “easiest work” he has ever had?

This week will mark Morley’s debut on the TV series “Neighbours.” Previously portraying the role of Spencer Harrington in the Yahoo7 series, the 26-year-old actor is taking on a whole new different character as John Doe, a man who suffers memory loss from an explosion in Erinsborough.

In an interview with TV Week, Morley said that filming his first scenes on the show was “the easiest work I’ve ever done,” as quoted by Daily Mail.

His comments though may seem as a diss against his former show “Home and Away,” given that the actor left in April 2014 to pursuit a different career path. Is Morley hinting that working at Summer Bay was far from being easy?

This may be a stretch and is probably not true. The comments were in line with the actor’s new role as a comatose patient in “Neighbours”, wherein he had to lie in a hospital bed for two weeks.

“When I got the role, there was no brief, just that the character’s name would be John Doe. I read the script and felt like ‘OK, I can take this anywhere,’” Morley shared. He even jokingly said that his first few scenes didn’t involve real acting.

In another interview with TV Week, the “Melbourne Weekender” presenter shared more interesting facts about John Doe.

“He has no family, so it’ll be very interesting to see who he connects with, who he pairs up with and who the romances are. He will definitely shake things up and we’re all going to have a bit of fun trying to work him out,” Morley shared.

The former Cleo Bachelor of the Year nominee also added that his character will be “very likeable” but there will be “a bit of controversy within his decisions and also about who he is.”

Neighbours” airs at 6:30 pm local time on ELEVEN.