The death drama at Home and Away 2016 hasn’t stopped yet.  Does it mean there is going to be another death in the horizon? The deadly plane crash shook the audience with the scary experience. Ironically, things aren’t over yet. The aftermath is taking an even more dramatic twist. Who is going to die? Let’s figure out!

If you assumed that the plane crash was the end of devastation, you are gravely mistaken. Home and Away 2016 has some more surprises. The aircraft mishap was aired on August 25 in Australia, but the aftermath appears even more shattering. We saw Duncan, Tori, Leah, Irene, Billie, Nate, Evie, Brody and Mason in a state of shock post the crash when they got back to senses and found themselves marooned in the middle of nowhere. Injured, starved, dehydrated, and disoriented, the survivors had a long way to go for their safety. While a few were rescued, there remained a few others with danger looming over them.

After a long painful wait, Billie and her boyfriend VJ Patterson got the good news about the safety of their unborn baby, but the crash hasn’t been so kind to Brody Morgan. He is nowhere to be seen post the accident.

The scene is getting tensed for the missing Brody. However, Tori, his sister denies to give up on the search and she keeps looking for him through the bush. Is he going to die? The scenes which are going to be aired in Monday’s episode of this Aussie series will see Brody located. However, there isn’t surety about him being alive. Is he going to survive or he will succumb to the crash? However, the drama is not going to over here.

Which is that another death looming over Home and Away 2016, to know stay tuned to the show!