“Home and Away” character Josh Barrett is about to bid his farewell and it will leave Evelyn “Evie” MacGuire heartbroken.

Earlier this week, Josh (Jackson Gallagher) turned himself in and confess to murdering Charlotte King, the International Business Times reported.

It can be recalled that someone shot Charlotte to death earlier this year. Several residents of Summer Bay were questioned with regards to the murder but no one confessed to the crime until now.

Josh will stand trial for the crime next week. DigitalSpy reported that as Josh prepares to head to court, he and Evie will reminisce about their first kiss, which Josh says the best day of his life. Evie will try to convince Josh that there is still future ahead of them.

Spoilers have it that Josh will later be sentenced to serve 20-year in prison. However, as he is led to his cell, he will knock down a security guard and will flee into a car waiting outside. The driver of the getaway vehicle is none other than his brother Andy. Josh will then send a text message to Evie that she won’t hear from him again.

How can Evie cope with another loss of love one? She already lost her brother Oscar and aunt Hannah recently.

DigitalSpy cited TV Week’s interview with Philippa Northeast wherein she said: “It doesn’t get better for Evie. She feels like everyone she loves has left or is leaving her life. She feels so alone.”

Northeast earlier teased that her character could be the next one to die in “Home and Away.” Most of her love ones have died already and she had dealt with several losses in Summer Bay over time. This made Northeast think her character may probably be “cursed,” The BitBag noted.

Meanwhile, both Tai Hara, who played Andy, and Gallagher earlier confirmed that they are leaving Australia’s longest running soap.

“Home and Away” airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Network Seven in Australia, and weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK.