More danger is coming at the Morgan family’s way in the upcoming episode in Home and Away 2016.

Peace for Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and his siblings is still far from reality since his brother, Brody (Jackson Heywood), will bring more risk to their lives.

Brody wanted to make a good impression at Salt. Hence, he made a dish that will eventually put the lives of his family members at risk once again. Brody’s new signature dish got thumbs up from Salt’s customers, but it will not be for one. How could a meal cause more trouble for the Morgan family?

In the trailer shared by Channel Seven, an important person dines at Salt and it will make Brody extremely nervous. Does the person at Salt have a connection with Sparrow?

Brody almost died recently after Spike sabotaged the plane while he and other residents of Summer Bay were on board. The family police protection officer Decker (John Adams) admitted that he was forced to use Justin as bait. When Justin was arrested, Decker revealed that there is a rat inside the police force and will be going after him. He asked for Justin’s help but the latter declined due to Decker’s betrayal.

Before Decker died, Brody asked him why he knew his late mother, Kate Sparrow. Decker vaguely uttered “sparrow” before he suffered hematoma. Justin found Decker’s nieces Hope and Raffy Marrison at the address Decker gave to Phoebe. The Morgans asked the Marrisons if they know what “sparrow” means. The sisters said it is Raffy’s middle name.

Elsewhere, Roo asked Caroline why she doesn’t want to tell Duncan about her illness. Caroline says it is because Duncan thinks she is a monster. Caroline reveals to Roo that Huntington disease is hereditary and their son Bryce may have it, too. Roo tells her that Duncan has the right to know the truth. She threatens Caroline that she will tell Duncan about her illness if she will not do it herself.

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Home and Away 2016 airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Seven Network in Australia. It also airs in the UK during weekdays at 1:15pm and at 6pm on Channel 5.