Andy Barrett is feeling the guilt of his involvement in the shocking explosion last week that led to the death of two characters in “Home and Away.”

While Summer Bay mourns for the death of two people, Andy (Tai Hara) struggles with his guilt over the part he played in the shocking explosion at the caravan park, Back to the Bay wrote.

The blast occurred after Andy learned that Tank Snelgrove (Reece Milne) has come back to Summer Bay after posting bail. Tank is responsible for assaulting Andy’s brother.

Back to Bay wrote Andy’s confession does nothing to ease his guilt. Will he leave Tank alone this time or will Andy come after the man who might hurt his brother once again? What will happen to Andy if everybody found out that his anger towards Tank caused the accident?

Back to Bay teased that Evelyn and Josh will be shattered when they found out the truth about the accident.

Meanwhile in another news, former “Home and Away” star Steve Peacocke revealed that he is no longer an in-demand actor since he left the Aussie long-running soap, DigitalSpy reported.

The actor admitted that has not been swamped with Hollywood offers since he bid goodbye from his role as Brax in “Home and Away” late last year. “No one is banging down my doors,” he told The Age.

Despite landing roles in upcoming films “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and “Me Before You,” Peacocke acknowledged that his success is only because of luck and timing. “It was a matter of timing, I guess. I just finished up on Home and Away in October [2014] and this came up in November or December and then by February we were in New Mexico shooting it,” he said.

“They needed someone from Down Under. I was supposed to be a Kiwi but they said, ‘No one can tell the difference over here [US], so just make it Aussie’,” Peacocke laughed.