Excitement is really high right now after Network Seven released a trailer that featured Brax’s return to “Home and Away.”

The trailer showed newcomer Trystan telling Charlotte King that he believes Brax is still alive. Ash was also seen sending a message to the eldest among the Braxton brothers saying that they need to talk.

Watch the trailer here.

Brax was presumed dead after he attempted to escape prison. However, Ash and his sister Billie know that Brax is still alive and that he just decided to leave Summer Bay after his escape.  

Australian actor Steve Peacocke, who played Brax, previously confirmed that his character will come back in Summer Bay.  

Peacocke, however, did not disclose further details about his return saying it is a top-secret storyline. Though he hinted that Brax’s return will “spice things up a bit” as reported by DigitalSpy 

“It is a nice little surprise. It was a good story the producers put to me, so I thought it is a nice way to see everyone for a bit,” Peacocke revealed.

Fans will be thrilled to see how Brax would react once he sees his former girlfriend, Ricky, who has already moved on and is now in relationship with Nate. Ricky and Nate had just recently decided to make their relationship public. 

Meanwhile, “Home and Away” hunk Charlie Clausen tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Gemma Lee.  According to the Daily Telegraph, the couple confirmed the marriage on social media after their wedding in the US last September 23.

Clause posted a message: “I went to the LA and all I got was this beautiful wife.”

The actor played teacher Zac MacGuire on “Home and Away.” He also appeared in “Neighbours,” “Blue Heelers,” “McLeod’s Daughters,” and “Canal Road.”

Clause and Lee, a filmmaker/director, have been together for more than a decade, the Daily Telegraph noted.

“Home and Away” airs weekdays at 7pm on Network Seven in Australia.